Our mission is to provide stable liquidity under changing market conditions and help market participants around the world get the best prices in the various asset classes we cover. As one of the world's leading brokers, we have spent many years building a deep liquidity network and investing in pricing technology. Make full use of the institutional relationships we have established on a global scale to provide a deep liquidity pool with low-latency connectivity and strict pricing. Advanced order sending function can ensure customer satisfaction even in the most turbulent market fluctuations. Our highly developed liquidity network provides intuitive and customizable prices to facilitate superior trade transactions and reduce execution costs for each client.

Authorised and regulated by the CySEC

Tight raw spreads

Liquidity from tier 1 banks, non-banks (HFT) and ECN-s

Commissions as low as 8 per million

Deep and highly customised liquidity pools

Leverage up to 1:400


We are a market-leading technology provider, providing high-performance technology and large amounts of liquidity for anonymous and public transaction execution. Our scale means that we have sufficient resources and strength to gather industry-leading liquidity, cutting-edge technology and a highly respected team of experts, ready to provide you with tailor-made technical solutions.

Benefit from using our institutional trading technology and let us deal with your technical needs to make it grow faster.

Robust trading infrastructure and global presence with highest scalability and flexibility

Intelligent and accurate risk management system

Full pricing transparency and real-time reporting and analysis

Excellent switching performance, built for scale

Fully customisable liquidity, price streams, markups

Provide a mobile version of the trading client

Complex and dynamic high-speed order routing rules

Trusted by brokers & other financial institutions around the world


As an experienced liquidity provider, we attach great importance to the business needs of institutions and traders, and fierce competition forces the company to move forward and provide customers with new solutions and better conditions. If you are already on the market, we will show you how to expand your product range and increase your conversion rate. If something goes wrong, we will help you find the defect and fix the error.

Forex, stock indices, metals, commodities

Complete integrated documentation

supply the high efficient and real-time back office

7*24-hour customer service support

Comprehensive business support solutions


Based on years of liquidity provider experience, RLC can provide you with convenient and professional docking services. At the same time, our API products support multiple programming languages.

Our support team is composed of programmers, developers and API experts who will go deep into your correct requirements. Or do you need connection, integrated help or simple pointers and code sample lines, our experienced support team will be reliable, highly responsive, and ready to serve you.

Basic API

Keep-alive heartbeat mechanism to ensure normal and effective links

System push notification, notifies important running status to the client front end, and monitors the management platform in all aspects

Quote API

Accurate and reliable market data, real-time streaming through API, providing multiple formats and all-round real-time foreign exchange prices

Provide an operational and comprehensive data set, structure and accessibility have reached extremely high standards

Fully meet the needs of each customer, market data supports personalized subscriptions

Designed for high performance and minimal latency

Trading API

Provide an enhanced execution environment to ensure the confidentiality of order data execution and circulation

High-speed transactions are carried out at lightning speed without the need for Internet transmission. The transfer rate of up to 480-Gbps reduces the round-trip transaction time to sub-microsecond level

Supporting high concurrency of transaction orders, the liquidity provider is cross-connected to the RLC Cloud server network through a dedicated dark fiber. We can easily process thousands of orders concurrently, handling more than 500,000 orders per day