Capitalise on our strong institutional relationships across the globe to provide deep liquidity pools and low-latency connectivity.

Authorised and regulated by the CySEC

Deep liquidity pools & multi-asset execution

Tight spreads

Commissions as low as 8 per million

Leverage up to 1:400

Core Technology

State-of-the-art price aggregation & execution technology and premium connectivity with expert 24-hour support.

Complex and dynamic high-speed order routing rules

Superior exchange performance, built for scale

Intelligent and accurate risk management system

Provide a mobile version of the trading client

Trusted by brokers & other institutions

Open API

Our support team consists of programmers, developers and API experts. API products support multiple programming languages.

Real-time streaming via API, providing multiple formats and comprehensive real-time foreign exchange prices

Fully meet the needs of each customer, market data supports personalized subscriptions

Provide an enhanced execution environ- ment to ensure the confidentiality of order data execution and circulation

The transfer rate of up to 480-Gbps reduces the round-trip transaction time to sub-microsecond level

Diverse client base

  • Banks

  • Professional Traders

  • Fund Managers

  • Brokers

  • Hedge funds

Diverse client base


Brokers or other financial institutions can use our trading solutions, which includes the ability to customize front-end interfaces. Our solution provides sophisticated access to the FX and precious metals markets and the ability to operate a trading venue, without the need for hardware investment.

Our advantage

Steady development of technology at the grassroots level, technology connects global finance

Strong infrastructure

It has broadband capacity of export up to 1Gbps and main frequency of 3Ghz

Highly intelligent technology to execute orders

Advanced flexible and low-latency order routing technology to reduce requotes

Best bidding mechanism

It can automatically match the best buying and selling prices to provide brokers with the lowest spreads

Professional technicalservice team

More than 10 years of technical team, to achieve one-to-one all-round tracking support

Provide you with the most professional solutions

Gather unparalleled liquidity and gather an attractive trading pool

ECN liquidity pool